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Friday, May 30

Homeschooling 2013/2014

I'm not gonna lie, Homeschooling was hard!  It started out fresh, new and exciting, but then after the newness wore off, it was WORK.  For me and her.

I truly admire those women who devote their time to homeschooling every year.  And Katherine was an easy student!  She was excited to start schooling at home and is a people-pleaser, but finding the motivation after Spring Break was practically impossible.  For both of us.

We did have some REALLY exciting adventures, though.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of families that came together this past year to teach our children.  Shae taught History and we got to know and admire her daughters Sara and Emma.  Charlotte joined us and brought her excitement for learning.  We started out with Melina and Miriam, but lost them after Christmas and gained Amy and her girls Ashtyn, Abree and Ada.  Amy taught a Spanish lesson and I did my best to introduce some elementary practicality to Science.

There's no doubt, looking back now, that God placed that desire in my heart to keep Katherine at home for a reason.  It was a great transition for her.  In the process of schooling at home this year, He blessed me with renewed old friendships and new ones that I treasure.  Each Tuesday night, while spending hours on the next day's Science lesson, I was encouraged because I knew after the schooling was over, us moms would be able to sit on the front porch and laugh until our sides hurt while our kids enjoyed each other's company.

Katherine's school story has taken a different turn, but I enjoyed her being home for her 2nd grade year.

Here are some of our adventures in Homeschooling:

Re-creating the Nile River.

Writing their names in cuneiform.

Joseph and his coat of many colors.

Dressing up like the Spartan soldier who hid a fox under his shirt.

Katherine teaching Nathan how to write in cursive.

Watching ladybugs transform from eggs, to larvae, to pupa to a light colored adult.

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